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Is having (and crossing every item off) a "Bucket List" worth it?

Updated: May 15, 2020

"Oh Wow! That's on my bucket list." This is a statement that is heard more often than not these days in any conversation between two or more people.

But what is a bucket list? Is it really worth your time? Is it just a fad? Should you have one? Who are you if you don't have one?

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines bucket list as:

a list of things you want to do before you die

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Having a bucket list is all well and good, but it should not detract you from living your life. Nor should it dictate how you live your life - checking one item after the other off it.

The world these days is full of people who are mad about this thing called a "bucket list". And as a result, they do not live their life to the fullest. They are always looking to cross the next item off their list that they don't realize the myriad other things that have happened in their life so far (things that are brilliant in their own way, but are not on said "List"). And so they just ignore those wonderful moments and memories, or just spare them a second's thought and dwell on them no more.

Having a list of aims and dreams is not at all wrong. In fact, it is commendable to have such a list. However, that should not be the "One and Only" "Be All End All" kind of list to the exclusion of everything else.

What's my biggest pet peeve with the entire notion of a bucket list you ask? Well, it is this...

If death is kept as the deadline, then that goal is not (and will not) be made a priority!

So, is a bucket list worth having?

I leave you to decide on that one for yourself.

Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment you breathe. No detail or goal or dream is too insignificant that it does not merit a second look! Every extra little thing that happens in your life is a bonus goal that was achieved and is worth noting and recording.

The small successes are the extra cherries that someone has added just for you on top of a lovely iced cake!

Take joys in the little pleasures of life and the big ones will soon follow...all on their own!

So, do have a list of your goals, dreams and whatnots. But do not let that be your guiding force for every step you take in life!

As for me, I do have a list of things I would like to do/achieve - but what do I call it?

I hesitate to call it a "Bucket List". I would love to achieve the dreams/hopes and fulfill the wishes I have listed down,


at the end of the day, a list of goals/dreams is just that, no matter the name you give it.

A rose by any other name...after all.

The end goals are in sight and are well known to you (as is THE END), but the little unknown joys in life are what make it worth living...

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