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13 things skinny girls are tired of hearing

Updated: May 15, 2020

As someone who has been (and will probably always be) chronically thin, the phrases everyone tosses at you tiresome to hear, mildly annoying and are made of the same few words in different combinations.

Here's a list of things that I have heard about my "skinniness" so far. The list includes phrases from friends, family and even colleagues and random passers-by.

1. How come you are so thin?

Answer: Ever heard of a fast metabolism?

2. You need to eat more, and healthy food.

Answer: Have you seen how much I eat? And what I eat?

3. You must find it so easy to shop for clothes.

Answer: Oh really! Have you every tried finding dresses for someone my size in the adult section of clothing stores?

4. Don't exercise! You may disappear into thin air.

Answer: Who gave you the idea that exercise is done only to reduce weight?

5. Careful! The wind may carry you away.

Answer: Ha ha ha! Think you're funny do you?

6. I can easily lift you.

Answer: Why? Just why?

(Pic Courtesy: Nivedita)

7. What's wrong with you?

Answer: Why do you assume that something's wrong with me because I'm thin?

8. Do your parents not feed you enough?

Answer: I dare you to ask them that question.

9. You'll gain weight after marriage. Just wait!

Answer: I'm still waiting.

10. You can wear anything you want.

Answer: Why would I want to?

11. How much do you weigh?

Answer: Definitely more than your brain.

12. I'll help you lift these things. They must be heavy.

Answer: Did I ask you for help?

13. If you gained a little weight, you would look normal.

Answer: If you lost a little weight, you would look normal.

How many of these questions have you heard being a skinny person? What are some of the other irritating questions you have been asked? And what would your answers be???

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